Version 1.0.3:

Add Field 87
All Industry Fix
Sugar Fabrick moved in new position
Milk Fabrick reworked
BGA reworked and moved in new position
Biogas split to Bga and moved in new position
Remove for now Soya Fabbrick
Added custom vegetation textures for each season of the year
Add Gold Nugget
Add road in the Agropontino Museum Forest
Sky and rain Reworked
Added custom vegetation textures for each season of the year
Log Free

This map was created for my personal use was not created to win competitions is a simple and exciting combination of the most beautiful and interesting existing mod for the map-modding
I thank the modder community for their fantastic creations and all the merits go to them.

This version is compatible:
Chopper Straw
Dirty mod
Season Mod compatibility

Panda Farming


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