Here is my Arcusin Autostackpack for the LS 17. In this pack are now also included the one-axis versions of the skins!

Changes have been made to the standard Autostack from LS 15:

– Collision at the bale clippers removed
– Collision added to the platform
– Collision is added for the loaded bales, this adapts to the number of bales
– Working speed reduced
– Added an pick up animation
– Two bale grab modes added (Profi and Rookie)

To the bale grab modes. This allows you to adjust whether you have to be very precise drive to the bale (Profi), or not (Rookie).

The mods you will find in the category ‘Baling Technology’.


Technical specifications:

Arcusin Autostack FS 63-72: (including all skins)

Purchase price: 45.000 €
Maintenance: 170 €
Bale capacity: 16 square bales

Rental costs:

– Basic cost: € 2,250
– Per working hour: € 2,250
– Per working day: 450 €
– Initial cost: 4.950 €


Arcusin Autostack FS 53-62: (including all skins)

Purchase price: 35.000 €
Maintenance: 110 € / day
Bale capacity: 10 square bales

Rental costs:

– Basic cost: € 1,750
– Per working hour: 1,750 €
– Per working day: 350 €
– Initial cost: 3.580 €

Ifko[nator] –


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