Pack ice of the logging equipment of the Altai Tractor Plant. Are included in a pack ice:
1. Cable skidder TT-4 – is used skidding of small and large trees and switches, auxiliary works, clearings of the territory and access roads.
2. Grapple skidder LT-154 – is used to selection and formation of packs of trunks up to 10 cbm. at the maximum area of capture of 1,8 sq.m, movements of freight, stacking and loading works.
3. Clamp grapple log loader LT-65B – is used to implementation of operations on laying of wood in a stack, the loading and unloading manipulations connected with transportation of the wood at the enterprises of logging branch.
4. Pusher for making a stack.

The TT-4 and LT-154 tractors are equipped with winches and can be completed with a frontal three-point hitch for installation of the pusher.

Shop Category: Forestry Equipment
Power: 110 HP
Price: 29000 €
Maintenance: 15 €/day

Model: Кирюха, 50keda, Zaxis FS, Mirozed, Road_Runner
Texture: Кирюха, 50keda, Zaxis FS, Mirozed, Road_Runner
Script: 50keda
Idea / Concept: Кирюха, 50keda, Zaxis FS, Mirozed, Road_Runner


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