Your ideal: Thresher, which reaps automatically.

Now you can have it too – the new LEXION.

Discover, experience and test world news from CLAAS:

the first production series of threshing, which is self

adjusts the optimal crop conditions. And it continuously,

practically in a split second.

CEMOS AUTOMATIC is a system which permanently

adapting residual grain separation and purification of the current

conditions at harvest. This intelligent control offers maximum

throughput with the highest quality and purity of grain and with minimal

fuel consumption.

Machinists perform only activate the automatic function.

In combination with GPS PILOT automatic guidance and

CRUISE PILOT as a controller for driving forward the new Harvester

Lexion harvester presents the first in the world that reaps


LexionTT 780

Lexion 780 whels

Vario 1200

Vario 1350

Claas trailer beta

New look

new function

New sound

and much more

Ls JiraCz Techmod


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