DEUTZ 9005A V0.9.6.0

Front hydraulics, minor changes

What can the cart now actually? What is it all installed?!
– Original model of Giants, rebuilt by Streubeheubar
Restoration 2018
– Ic control (Puma)
– Fronthydraulik configurable
– Animated Indoor Script (Ifko)
– Complete interior Animated including throttle and gearshift
– Gearbox and Oilchange Mod Ready
– Pendelachse, propeller shaft and PTO muff animated
Transmission block for cardan shaft installed
Roll bar (Streubheubar)
Deck (Schlüterfan1977, panic cracker)
Deck conversion, animation and adaptation (puma)
– Guard rail, PTO stub and new pulling jaw (Schlüterfan1977)
– Gitterräder
Deck completely controllable via IC …..
– Druckluftbremsanlage
– Dynamic pants (2x compressed air 2xHydraulik 1xElektro)
Weights block
– Motorconfiguration
Tire configuration (standard tires, care tires, wide tires ……)
– Optional with soft top, roll bar and nothing at all with child seat: D
– 32km / h fast
– Animated speedometer instruments
New sound (RetroFarmer / PeterAH)
Exhaust smoke (model safe)
– Bettersteering (model safe)
– uvm.

Modell: Giants Software, Streubeheubar, Oldenfarm
Textur: Giants Software,Oldenfarm, Dani86,bluepuma, PeterAH( Moddingpartner)
Script: Modelleicher, Ifkonator
Idee / Konzept:Streubeheubar Dani86,Oldenfarm
Tester:Dani86, PeterAH, Oldenfarm
Sonstige: Schlüterfan 1977
Sounds: Retro farmer, PeterAH


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