DEUTZ D 6005 BUILT IN 1966 V1.1

Hello Community it is time again!
Another iron pig from days gone by is rolling out of the Eisenschweingarage.
This time the Deutz D 6005 built in 1966!
But now what about the tug.
The D 6005 is a complete redesign, which replaces the D 5505 in December 1966.
The D 6005 had a Deutz power lift, a Deutz engine and for the first time a Deutz engine of the KHD type: F4L 812 D with direct injection.
He makes 58 hp at a speed of 2300 / min

Giants Software GmbH
Modder: Dani86 / Oldenfarm / FBM Youngtimer-Technikteam
Video: Exit LP / SimuPlanet

Weitere Credits:
Textur: Giants Software,Oldenfarm, Dani86, Puma Fbm
Verdeck/Überrollbügel: Puma FBM
Script: Giants Software, Ifkonator
Idee / Konzept:Dani86,Oldenfarm
Tester:Dani86, Oldenfarm, Fbm-Team
Sonstige: schlueterfan, Streubeheubar,Kreters-Island
Sounds: Dani86 / Oldenfarm / Giants Software


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