The pack includes:

Crawler tractor DT-75M
Front-end loader PTS-77
Leveler DT75
Features Crawler tractor DT-75M

Fuel Capacity: 248 l.
Price: 30.000 €
Daily Maintenance: 12 €
Power: 90 CV
MaxSpeed: 12 Km/h.
Features Front-end loader PTS-77

Loading Capacity: 3.000 l.
Price: 1.000 €
Daily Maintenance: 20 €
Features PND-250

Loading Capacity: 1.200 l.
Price: 1.000 €
Daily Maintenance: 10 €
NeededPower: 75 CV
Features Leveler DT75

Loading Capacity: 3.000 l.
Price: 500 €
Daily Maintenance: 6 €
Other Features:

Animation of the dashboard
levers and cover of the exhaust pipe
Lighting technology
The log is clean!

V 1.1

No changes have been specified for this versión

Publikoval na LSNovinky: KV-17Upploader Vytvořil: nevan, Silak_68, werik

DOWNLOAD FS17_DT75M_pack.zip – 21.8 MB

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