This compilation of various DH combinations includes 16 folders:
13 folders (DynamicHose in various combinations)
1 folder (DynamicHoseRef)
1 folder (DynamicHose.lua // DynamicHoseRef.lua)
1 folder (image tutorial // PDF tutorial // xml file with all the necessary entries for your mods)

The most important function that distinguishes the pack: In each DH combination (12 pcs.), Each hose (detached & attached) and the couplings can be individually moved and adjusted.
Due to this structure unnecessary or unneeded hoses in the mod can be deleted quickly and easily. A required duplication is also possible.

What is new compared to already published versions?
Folder structure fundamentally changed (Folders marked ‘-A’ contain a holder or arm along which the tubes are routed
additional PDF tutorial (Thanks to Remraf)
2 more DynamicHose combinations

BM-Modding (Modell Kupplungen)
Xentro (Scripte)
Remraf (PDF-Tutorial)
Diverse Modder (DH-Kombinationen)
DasAlex (Zusammenstellung und Strukturanpassung)

DOWNLOAD DynHoses_DynHosesRef_Variations.zip – 22.3 MB

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