Focus Home Interactive, the publisher of the non-German speaking, announced yesterday the contents of the Collector’s Edition LS17 in the form of an image is known (see above).

As always emerges the question, what then are the differences of each PC versions, we have again created an overview for you:

LS17 Standard Edition (34,99€):

LS17 Day One Edition (34,99€):
Bonus vehicle – Valtra T-Series.

LS17 Steam Edition (34,99€):
Downloadable the game (no DVD and box)
Bonus vehicle Valtra T-Series,
Bonus vehicle Challenger MT700E Field Viper.

LS17 Collector’s Edition (49,99€):
Bonus tractor Fendt 900 Black Beauty,
Bonus tractor Challenger MT700E Stealth Edition,
Book “The Art of Modding/Die Kunst des Moddens”,
Book “Modding für Dummies” als PDF,
DVD “Making Of”-Material und “Modding Tutorials 3.0”,
Farming Simulator 17 Lanyard,
Farming Simulator 17 A2-Poster,
10 Stickers,
5 “Concept Art Cards”,
Valtra N174 tractor.

Giants Software

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7 Responses

  1. scott anderson says:

    Where can you order the collectors edition?

  2. Nightplayer says:

    Do you still get everything shown if you order it for the Xbox one or ps4?

  3. James says:

    Is the collectors edition coming to ps4

  4. Emma D. says:

    When will it be available in the US?

  5. Dustin says:

    Where do you get the preorder tractors I entered the code and started the game and I do not have them

  6. I didn’t find collectors edition for PS 4. Shame. Dusti, it downloads the tractors, but still you need to have Game moneyt, to buy the tractors. You won’t get them for free.

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