Category: Cars

Vehicles is used for getting around your farm quickly, but there is meager selection or cars in Farming Simulator 2017. Download cars mods to add some varienty in your gameplay. It is good choice if you are exploring the game and tired of the same models. FS 2017 will have big quantity of cars mods.



Description: FWD Power 122 hp Fuel tank – 55 liters Lighting Mirrors Animation of the instrument panel Speedometer and tachometer Dust and Traces Trailing hitch Credits: Alexander Zhuk, Romario_Agro, Silver_khl DOWNLOAD – 3.3...


GAZ-3302 2003

Description: The cost of the car in the game, €: 15520 Car maintenance, € / day: 120 Engine power, hp: 107 Fuel tank capacity, l: 60 Body volume, l: 6000 Working light technology Color...

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