Farming Simulator 2017 officially announced game



This morning “Farming Simulator 17” was created by Publisher “Focus Home Interactive” in the press newsletter officially the “Farming Simulator 17” / announced! The new version will be released end of 2016 for consoles and PC.
At the Post added were already a first image and a “Artwork”

Here the full message:

The success story of the popular series continues! Fantastic news for all fans of virtual farm work: Publisher astragon Entertainment and the independent Swiss Entwicklerstudio GIANTS Software announce today the Farming Simulator 17 on the long-awaited sequel of the popular game series! Already the end of 2016 can not be on PC and console swung behind the tractor wheel and the own farm will lead to success. Thomas Frey, CEO GIANTS Software: “We are delighted our longstanding cooperation with astragon Entertainment with the release of the Farming Simulator 17 continue to continue. With each new version of the franchise, we are able to achieve together new fans and to inspire the existing, very enthusiastic community one more time “. Dirk Walner, CEO astragon Entertainment:” Finally it goes back out into the field! The Farming Simulator 17 is all virtual farm fans provide plenty of entertainment and exciting innovations. We are proud to continue this great franchise in collaboration with GIANTS and are really looking forward to the reactions of the community “. Further details regarding the latest part of the simulation Hits follow shortly. English translation (mutatis mutandis): Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive announce Farming simulator 17, coming to consoles and PC at the end of 2016. Giants software and Focus Home Interactive are pleased to announce today the continuation of Their partnership for the release of Farming simulator 17, arriving Simultaneously on PC and consoles at the end of 2016. The game will be Introduced for the first time during the What’s Next of Focus Home Interactive press event Organised in Paris, where journalists across the world can discover all upcoming titles released by Focus. There, They Can thus meet the developers of Farming Simulator 17 and discover some of the brand new features added to Giants Software’s upcoming game. “It’s been a pleasure working with Focus Throughout all these years. This partnership is the water on the seed did made Farming simulator grow into the global phenomenon it is today Each time we release a new version together we reach more people, and we look forward to expanding this reach even Further in the coming years “.. Thomas Frey – Vice-President of Giants software. “Farming simulator is a one of a kind story in the video game industry. Years ago, we imagined a unique destiny for this game and Giants software, Their creators. It is with great satisfaction did we succeed in reaching all of our objectives. There are quiet a lot of beautiful pages to write for Farming simulator, and it starts right now with the simultaneous release of the game on PC and consoles at the end of the year “. C├ędric Lagarrigue – President of Focus Home Interactive.

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