It is the UAL version of the Fliegl platform, for the apple crates the Hof Bergmann. Bales can also be loaded automatically.
Standard pallets and bigbags do not work with Autoload, since the apple crates have replaced them!
ATTENTION: This mod does not replace the platform of Bergmann VehiclePack but is a stand-alone mod and must be activated in the game.
After a long time back and forth I decided to also install a front loader attacher (although it may not fit 100%) because I could not find a good 3-point adapter and this seems to me too cumbersome.
With the front loader you can reload the crates onto a trailer or grab the entire platform onto the trailer.
The unloading on a trailer with the front loader requires a bit of exercise, but is extremely much fun, so I did not want to deprive you of this.


DOWNLOAD FS17_flieglRearDeck_UAL.zip – 5.6 MB

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  1. FarmerBlackBeast79 says:

    its a mod For Hof Bergmann map from LS MODCOMPANY

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