The T 031 also originated in rationalization Mittelbau in Sangerhausen and is an attachment for tractors T150K and ZT 303. The shift fork is used for loading of horizontal silos. With your nearly all Siliergüter can be incorporated without restriction on the chop. The functions of the shift fork are hydr. controlled from the tractor. Two free hydraulic connections on the tractor allows the use of 2 independently acting working cylinders. With the help of the cylinder btw. Coupling frame and body of the tilt angle (max. 44 °) is regulated. the cylinder btw. base and gripper regulates the functioning of the gripper. The width is 3 m, and the total volume of 6 cubic meters, to help the work output of 90 – reach 120 t / h.

Sale price: 5500 €
Required Max. Output: 100 hp
Cost per day: 10 € / day

This model was already the LS15, which almost forgotten : / BUT Here you can see how it originated. 8o

Modell: DtP Mario Textur: DtP Mario Script: DtP Mario Idee / Konzept: DtP Mario Tester: DtP Mario / DtP Team


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