version 2.5
– Texture enhancements and changes
– at the Zunhammer TV the Piadintank is now available in the shop
– Zunhammer TV can be sewn only with advertising stickers in the shop (in the folder “Logo” in the Mod-ZIP you will find the texture file if you want something else to write on it)
– Shop descriptions partially changed
– Transport axles are now both over X to flaps and have got proper wheels (only in the empty state use)
– Vancontrol by Zunhammer installed as decoration on Zunhammer TV
– V & N Terradisc added as a slurry cultivator
– Zunhammer 18500 PE Added (BETA, first cultivator with tractor on drum then hang barrel to Holmer, depend on each store so that the hoses then connect again correctly at the next game start)
– Helper at the Holmer removed (problems with the transport axes)
– GPS antenna rear-mounted on the TV hammer
– LightScript installed
– Cabin lighting installed
– Zunhammer TV now has level indicator at the front of the barrel
– minor adjustments

GIANTS, Bjohn14

DOWNLOAD FS17_Holmer__BITTE_ENTPACKEN_____.rar – 101.7 MB

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