JOHN DEERE 8530 V 1.0


– Fully washable
– Wheel Shader
– Panel IC
– Delicate shine texture
– Ability to open left door on the outside of the tractor
– Silenced cabin
– Reclining passenger seat
– Opening the bonnet
– Adjusting the steering
– Darker Dynamic Suction
– Folding forearm
– Opened the door, rear window
– Work light, turn signals, brake lights
– Warning signs Folding
– The dust under the wheels
– Speedometer and tachometer
– Movable front fenders
– Animated hydraulic

Sotillo, Rysiu77,Manuel Leithner, MajsteR


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1 Response

  1. FunteX says:

    Dont download it removes all your equipment once you load a savegame with it back up!!!

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