Here is the next version of the John Deere R4050 Sprayer
I decided on 1.1 instead of 2 as it’s still the same sprayer just fixed up.
Working lights on the tractor itself.
​No lights on the sprayer or dry box
Everything works great
​Only known issues
Need to drop sprayer on concrete surface for best results to re attach
Need to drop dry box in a field to be able to re attach
​My log is 100% clean with this mod

Smith Modding for converting originally
Me for using Smith Modding’s as a reference to convert a version from 15 that included dry box
Thomas for pics


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1 Response

  1. Jaegar Croft says:

    How to attach this item when purchased?

    I am using the Goldcrest Valley map.

    I have both items in the parking lot at the shop, but there is no way to connect them, the Q doesn’t appear when backed up to the sprayer box.

    I even tried to use a forklift to lift up the box and drop it onto the tractor, but that didn’t work.


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