In the ZiL package, a truck, a scoop, a barrel, a tractor and a trawl with a trailer, are not modular. High-quality author’s envelope of the model from FS15 in FS17 with serious improvements and novelties.
Unique realistic suspension, animated transmission. Competent physics is fashion. The new sound of the engine. The choice of 2 engines (real analogs). Native Zily and Ural carburetor.
The mode of light is near, far, the road train corresponds to the quality of the selected graphics mode.
A “live” instrument panel with pleasant lighting. Choice of the color of the cabin, body, discs.
AND THE NEWEST UNIQUE, really realistic physics of mudguards.
Light, dirt, dynamic tires are all according to the canons of FS17.
The model has three types of bodywork, the standard, exaggerated from the boards and high sides for lightweight loads. The default body type is “Z”. The turning circle of the trailer is locked with the “Y” key. With the mouse or the “K” “M” keys, the beads open for easy loading of objects, after which the objects can be fixed in the body with the straps on the “L”. The scoop has two body types + a live board. Tral with auto-selection of bales and pallets.

Enter details of the game modification developer(s)…KOVSH


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