Pictures from Farming simulator 2017 game





Here is from Giants presentation some pictures of Farming simulator 2017 game.

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4 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    Add some older type valtra models like,the valmet 8050,8550 and valtra t160,t120 and other models.i am sure I am not the only person that wants these models in the game and it would be a worth while add on in the game .it would make the game more like real farms because real farms would not be buying every single new brand or model of tractors.this would be greatly appreciated ???

  2. Zachary Thompson says:

    Can we have some John Deere like a lot and more massy ferguson like a lot

  3. Zachary Thompson says:

    Make it so we can rent tractors and things like that. What consoles are you going to make it for

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