– DH
– knife wear (with spare knife pallet)
– Silage agent system (with silage agent tank for refilling)
– License plate script
– Lift axle for Triedem
– Configurable metering rollers (with automatic adjustment of the capacity)
– New feeler wheels for the pickup
– Curb weight adjusted
– Freely movable pickup with retaining chains
– Wide Angle PTO with animation
– minor adjustments

Mod Contents: – Pöttinger Jumbo Combiline 6010 – Pöttinger Jumbo Combiline 6610 – Pöttinger Jumbo Combiline 7210 – Pöttinger Jumbo Combiline 10010 – New (spare knife and silage pallet)

So here as promised the machined jumbo. Hope he likes you. Have fun with it.

Please do not redistribute the mod on other sites. If you find errors you are welcome to report.

JDVB, MMI, Eifok-team, fruktor, danielll, dennis, P€€ter, Rambo_86

DOWNLOAD FS17_Poettinger_JumboCombilineSeries.zip – 54.8 MB

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