– larger extensive conversion,
– The standard moves were changed (wagons and loading volume changed) playable also in the MP / Dedi
– Productions inserted:
– Diesel refinery (filling station at the farm or sale at both standard filling stations
– Fertilizer, liquid fertilizer and seed production, for standard machinery or
– Sales at Rügheimer Spedition
– Soya milk production (sales at Rügheimer Spedition)
– Mixed feed production
– Pig feed production
– Sugar factory (purchase sugar beet)
– Heizhaus at Zuckerrübenfabrik and SÜC GmbH
– Wool sale at the KOINOR
– Wood chopper on the premises of SÜC GmbH
– Silage fermenter on the farm and at SÜC Gmbh
– Digital displays at yard and train silos
– Log Error free
– after download Please unzip the ZIP (necessary MODS are included in the ZIP)
– Start game and save, and restart!


DOWNLOAD – 1015.7 MB

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