Have you always wanted to harvest potatoes with the Holmer Terra Dos T4, but you did not want to rebuild it and did not use two different cutters? Then this small zip is just right for you. Simply pack in your Modfolder, and the standard Terra Dos T4 with the standard HR9 harvester can harvest potatoes and sugar beet. The standard Terra Felis is also equipped with potatoes.

The only small drawback: If you harvest potatoes, then you have in the rack of the HR9 cutting unit the particle system of sugar beet. Have tried to adjust, but it did not manage. For me this is now only half as bad. If I still manage it, there will be an update.

This zip comes from the LS 15 of Marhu, which he never put to the DL. Kindly he gave me the release for the LS 17, so you also got something from it.

This is already here too much text for the small zip. : D

Marhu and Ifko[nator


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