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IMT 577 DV V1.0

Description: This tractor is developed by IMT in middle 90’s. IC, animation and lot of other stuff. Credits: Model: Nikola757, Ilija Texture: Nikola757 Script: Nikola757, dorcolac94, Jukka. DOWNLOAD Imt577DVDeluxe.zip – 35.1 MB


IMT 590 DV V1.0.0.0

Description: IMT 590 DV is Serbian tractor. He have 90hp Specialization: attacherJoints lights animatedVehicle speedRotatingParts motorized steerable drivable cylindered aiVehicle bunkerSiloCompactet honk washable mountable wheelRotations ——ADDED——- interactiveControl interactiveWindows interactiveButtons doorOpener warningSigns allradwelleAnimation Credits: Model:...

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