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ZMAJ 489 NEW V1.0

Description: Body Config: Standard – sve stranice normalne Body Half with sides – gornje stranice prikolice preklopljene preko doljnjih. Body Half – Bez gornjih stranica. Left Side – Na lijevoj strani stranice Right side...


ZMAJ 489 V1.2

Description: Version 2 Trailer (New and Old), 2 Tipe Wheels (Standard and Wide) Scripts: Dynamic Hose Number Plates Bug Fix Credits: Modell: Vex90 Textur: Jukka Script: Jukka DOWNLOAD FS17_ZMAJ_489.zip – 18.6 MB



Description: Zmaj 489 Seed (NS seed wheat,ZP Hibridi corn,KWS corn) Zmaj 489 Fertilizer (NPK Elixir Zorka 15:15:15) Zmaj 489 Seed+Fertilizer Use seed and fertilizer on key (R) Approach the trailer and push the R...


ZMAJ 489 V1.1

Description: Upload Davor Galoić For transposing shredded silage compound feed wheat barley potatoes sugar beet corn rapeseed chips. Needed Power: 50 Price; 5200 DailyUpkeep: 8 Brand: ZMAJ Category: Tippers Credits: GIANTS Software GmbH u....

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