Pack contains truck “Tatra”:
6×6 tractor over 121000 euro.
4×4 dump truck for 154,000 Euro + trailer for 15200 euro (body-volume 9000 liters, the volume of the trailer 11000 l)
6×6 dump truck for 169,000 Euro + trailer for 17200 euro (the volume of the body and trailer 14800 l)
8×8 truck for 178000, – Euro + trailer for 19600 euro (the volume of the body and trailer 22000 l)
And 8×8 truck with hook lift. For this truck, you need to download ITRunner mod adds that cargo container, the hooks on the truck.

With the purchase of a truck of this pack you can the engine of the truck: 360 hp and 462 hp, as well as choose the color for the cabin.
All trucks that good physics,
Work, chassis and lighting
It is a tire pressure
Truck dirty and leave marks
Working instrument panel and mirror.


DOWNLOAD FS17_TatraPack.zip – 58.1 MB

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