Here’s my throttle script converts for LS17:
The script simulate the function of a throttle lever (speed setter) for example with a slider on a joystick (axis that is not itself centered!)
Before the game start, the joystick axis must be set to the axis Throttle + / Throttle – in the game settings.
Optionally, even the two functions Throttle on / off and Throttle fuell / reduced has to define on a button / key. Fhe function Throttle on/off is defined to ALT-Left + 3 by default.
At game start, the throttle control is turned off, the normal cruise control is activated. With Throttle on/off the throttle controll will activate, the normal cruise control is desabled. With the joystick axis you will set the speed of the cruise control. The cruise control switches by itself to on/off (wehn you want stopp). At any time, with gas / brake you can overstear the cruise control. With the function Throttle full/reduced it’s possible to switch the range of the throttle lever between 0-maximum speed and 0-20 km/h. It’s a nice feature for discharging a combine or reversing (shuttle mode from driveControl)
It should run on MP, but I have not the possability to test it by myself (please let me know it in the comments)



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