URSUS 3512 V1.0

– dirty wheels
– tire tracks
– full lighting
– Perimeter speed and fuel
– Option to buy a bicycle
– Wajcha moving tooth, gas, brake
– Vibration engine and chimney
– mirrors
– moving windmills (When ignited)
– sunroof
– Realistic exhaust
– black smoke when ignited
– Passenger mod
– removal of weights to access
– sounds
– the possibility of buying a cock / pen without
– Moving on the front axle
– wheel configuration with mudguards / without fenders
– Price: $ 29,000
– daily cost per $: 70.
– Power: 35 kW / 47 hp
– Maximum speed: 25 km / h
– Baku volume: 58 l
– Dirty up

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Agromet, Majster, Marcelo1942, Pavson69 FS17: RewerS

DOWNLOAD FS17_Ursus_3512.zip – 29.0 MB

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