VG PDA 17 V1.0

This is a PDA with similar functionality to the one provided in FS13 for FS17.
New: Added ability to pan map, and map now provides growth and fertilization overlays.
Note: Overlays take config from in-game menu, i.e. to remove “Needs plowing”, uncheck the option in the in-game menu.

The PDA is activated with ‘\’ key. Alternatively, you can also use LALT-# (0-9) to quickly jump to a screen.

All controls can be modified through Options->Controls. ‘[‘ and ‘]’ are used to cycle through screens, – / = are used to cycle through pages on each screen (cycle through animals, sell locations, etc) and 9 is used to toggle various stats, explained below:

– Map, 9 to toggle full-screen, LALT- to pan map, LALT-KP5 to re-center on player
– / = to change overlay to none, growth, fertilization
– Weather / News, – / = cycle through days, 9 to cycle through news
– Storage, – / = cycle through fruits
– Prices of commodities, – / = cycle through fruits, 9 to display more sell locations
– Finances, 9 to cycle through days
– Animals, – / = cycle through animals, 9 toggles between capacity and usage/production rates
– Statistics

Note: Animal screen temporarily removed and being updated. Bunker silo state screen being implemented, plus more to come.

Copyright (C) 2014-2015 Mike Richer aka “Vanguard” – All rights reserved.
You are granted the right to to use this software as a mod in Farming
Simulator 17 for personal use only. You may not copy or distribute this
software, in whole, or in part.


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